Increase Your Workspace Productivity With Color

Jul 21, 2014

Green Home OfficeIt has been studied for years and scientifically proven that color significantly affects your behavior. As the light-waves bounce off of objects and reflect to your retina, your brain processes that information in your hypothalamus, which governs your endocrine system, hormones, and much of your activity. With this in mind, the logic would follow that with the appropriate colors you could significantly influence your mood, focus, and productivity at the office. Three Brothers Painting has read the research and according to the scientists, here are the best colors to paint your home office in Alpharetta, GA. 


Shades of blue stimulate the mind. If you are an accountant or doing intellectually challenging work all day, blue is a great color to help keep your mind on track.


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of yellow? Probably sunshine and other happy, bright, encouraging things. That is probably why yellow is associated with stimulating your ego and spirits and is shown to make people more optimistic. Creatives and designers – paint your walls yellow to keep your mood  bright and your creativity flowing.


Are you a physical trainer? Paint your gym red! Red stimulates you physically, and you might want to throw in a little bit of yellow too.


If need to feel a sense of balance in your work paint your walls green. It is a calming and reassuring color so it is great to use in places where money is changing hands as well.

So, which of the colors is the right one for your home office? First decide what you would like to influence: your mind, emotions, body, or balance. Once you have that decided, remember that highly-saturated colors stimulate, while lowly-saturated colors soothe. Then, go with your gut. You want to love the space that you are working in everyday, so loving the color is just as important as how the color will affect your productivity.

Img via Jim Cramer on Flickr. 

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