Increase Productivity With Paint

Aug 30, 2013

You paint your house’s interior and exterior on a regular basis. You have the walls coated in your favorite hues of green, blue, or beige and your house has become your own private retreat away from the world. Have you thought about the walls in your office lately? Are they stark, operating room white? Does your office feel cold and oppressive surrounding you in sterile space? It’s time to call Three Brothers Painting to paint your office and increase the productivity of you and your employees! It has been proven that the colors you surround yourself with directly affect your mood and creativity, so when choosing colors for you office, here are some options that will inspire you do to your most creative work.

White Office Walls
An office in need of some color.

Orange: While this may seem like an odd first choice – and we are not telling you to paint your whole office bright orange – orange encourages excitement, enthusiasm, and energy. Use tones like terracotta or a pale orange for office walls, or throw in pops of orange with your sticky-notes or lobby pillows.

Red: Red is a bold, dramatic color, so if you have an office that your clients visit frequently, paint an accent wall a deep shade of red. This color also encourages excitement and collaboration, so having it in your meeting spaces may encourage your people to come together more often.

Pale blue: Opt to forgo a darker shade of blue and instead choose a pale blue that encourages focus and productivity. And what work spaces doesn’t want employees and managers to be more productive?

These are just a few color options you could go with in your office makeover to help lift your employee’s spirits and encourage creativity. When choosing your palette, make sure you stay away from yellow, purple, and bright green as these tend to have the opposite effects on mood. Give us a call at Three Brothers Painting in Roswell, GA to schedule your office makeover today!

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