How to Touch Up Paint when Holiday Décor Comes Down

Jan 2, 2015

Carefully apply touch up paint to your walls and trim.The holidays are a busy time: between seasonal decorations, the traffic of party-goers, overnight guests and a mischievous elf, your walls could show a little extra wear when all of the decorations come down.

Whether little fingers smeared sugary treats on the walls, or a heavy wreath scarred the paint, we have some easy tips to help get your walls looking great again.

First things first: do you have food or dirt smeared on your walls? Use a sponge or cloth to wash it away. Many of the “eraser” products on the market seem soft and gentle, but actually have enough grit to sand away your paint. It may take a little extra effort, but using a sponge will reduce the possibility of creating splotches and scratches on the walls.

Did you use adhesive hooks to hang lights or other décor? Remove with care! If you try to pull away the adhesive as quickly as they do on the commercials you can take some paint off the walls, too. Remember: slow and steady! Using a damp sponge to wet the edges and slowly work the adhesive off will help, too.

What if, despite your best efforts, you lost some paint? That means it’s time to talk touch-ups. Touch-ups can be difficult. The color of your paint changes over time, especially if you get a lot of natural light, or if your extra paint wasn’t stored properly and has started to break down.

Before you start painting, wipe down the area you plan to paint. You may also want to sand the edges where the paint was pulled away. This can help create a smooth seam between the existing paint and the touch up.

Consider painting more than one coat. If you put more than one coat of paint on the wall when you originally painted, it makes sense that you may need more than one on your touch up. Put on your first coat and let it dry, then add the next coat.

Someone who isn’t looking for it, likely won’t notice your touch-up. But an especially large patch job may stand out. In that case, you can always cover it with a photo or other art. Or, you can contact Three Brothers Painting. Our team can come out and re-fresh the room for you, making the marks and scars a thing of the past!

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