How to Save Money on House Painting

Feb 8, 2013

In the scheme of a complete remodel vs a new coat of paint, painting your home to give it a fresh look is definitely the way to go, but depending on how much of your home you are painting, it can still be an expensive undertaking! We have pulled together some tips on saving money when you are repainting your home, but the first big no-no we will tell you is not to skimp on the quality of paint. This is especially important if you are painting a high traffic area like your kitchen, hall bathroom, or entryway, buying cheaper paint just means that you are going to have to repaint sooner – and spend more money on more paint.

#1: “Oops!” = Cheap Paint

If you can be flexible on the color paint you are choosing – and especially if you are painting a smaller area of your home – check the “oops” pile at your local hardware stores. If paint gets mixed incorrectly it usually gets thrown into the oops pile and gets a huge mark down on price. Sometimes, if the paint is not already over saturated you can have the store remix it for you and possibly change the tint some to something you would like. Digging through this clearance pile can sometimes score you paint for very cheap that would usually sell for $30+ a gallon.

#2: Who Wants Leftovers?Save Money on House Painting

Its relatively common that contractors order too much paint for the job, then need to dispose of it someway. Rather than letting them toss it in the trash, do some research and see if you can find a contractor that will sell you their leftovers for a fraction of the price. This gets you good paint at a decent price and helps them recover some of their wasted costs. Also, unlike the oops pile, you can probably get enough paint to cover a larger project.

#3: Nifty Thrifty

Check your local thrift stores for drop cloth materials. While drop cloths aren’t particularly expensive, these days every dollar counts and rather than spending $10 on a brand new drop cloth that is just going to get covered in paint, pick up some old sheets, blankets, or table clothes for pennies on the dollar at your local thrift store.

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