How to Refinish Your Front Door

May 4, 2021

Few things say ‘welcome to our home’ quite like the front door. Over time, a front door gets exposed to the normal wear and tear of the elements and needs to be refinished. Hiring a painting contractor to save the wood by refinishing it can be a better option in the long run instead of replacing it with a cheaper metal or fiberglass alternative.

Our Refinishing Process  

  • First, our crew will remove the door and place it on padded sawhorses. Then, we make sure to remove all the hardware before sanding it down.
  • Next, we sand the wood with 80-grit paper to quickly remove remnants of the old varnish and flakes of wood.
  • Scraping the moldings – After the door is sanded down if needed, we use small razors to scrape any narrow corners that the rotary sander wasn’t able to access without damaging the wood.
  • A hand sander is used next to ensure that the profiles in the door are sanded and cleared of any dust with a brush.
  • We seal the door on the top and bottom with a coat of finish before rehanging it back on the hinges. This way, the rest of the finish can be applied without damaging the door.
  • Next, a first coat of whatever finish you choose will be applied to the door. A beautiful wood door with a clear finish will attract many more admiring glances, as long as you’re willing to maintain it. We recommend a stain coat followed by at least two coats of a marine varnish to protect the stain finish.  Varnish can be applied in satin, gloss, and high gloss finishes.

If you’re looking for an extra dose of curb appeal for your home, refinishing your front door can give it the wow factor that will make your neighbors jealous. To schedule an appointment to have our team of trusted painters refinish your front door, give us a call today!

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