How to Pick a Color Palette

Dec 15, 2017

These days it’s easy to get lost down the Google rabbit hole when it comes to interior decorating. The choices are virtually endless, making your decision overwhelming… and not so fun.

To make things easy, there’s one trick we like to follow. The simple 60-30-10 rule of thumb. Sixty being 60% of the room-the walls. Thirty being 30% of the room-the furnishings. And, ten being 10% of the room-the accent pieces. Following this scheme ensures you have a cohesive look you’ll love with a pop of color.

But, how do you determine the primary color of the room? Well, that depends on several key factors.

What is the Room’s Purpose?

Certain colors evoke different moods and emotions, which is why it’s especially important to take the room’s purpose into consideration before deciding on a palette.

The color wheel is broken down into two halves; warm tones and cool tones.

  • Common areas can be brought to life with playful warm color tones such as reds, oranges, and yellows.
  • Cool color tones like blue, green, and grey can leave you feeling calm and relaxed making them ideal for bedrooms and baths.

What Size is the Space?

Larger spaces you wish to appear cozier or more intimate can be toned down with warm colors. If you’re looking to open a room up and give it an ‘airier’ appearance, you’ll want to stick with cooler tones.

Match Your Personal Style

The most important thing to decide when choosing a color palette is what makes you happy. If you want to paint every room in your home black and white, go for it. Have a favorite sofa that you want to decorate around? That’s great. Whatever you decide, keeping a room true to your personal style is your best bet.

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