How to Easily Paint Your Hardwood Floors

Feb 15, 2013

Hardwood floors can be beautiful accents to any home. They add a sense of luxury and time tested and proven sustainability that you cannot get from carpet or linoleum flooring. For sometime, the style has been to only stain and clear coat your hardwood floors but painted hardwood floors are showing up as the center of attention in popular interior designs. Whether it has finally come time to give your beat up hardwood a new coat or you just want to change the look of your home, Three Brothers Painting is giving you the simple steps to refinish and paint the hardwood flooring in your Alpharetta, GA home.

Painting Hardwood Floors

  1. Sand the floor with 150-grit sandpaper. Your goal is not to smooth the floor out but to rough it up a bit so that the primer will stick. 
  2. Clean the floors well with vacuums and mops with wood floor cleaner. After mopping, be sure to give the floor ample time to dry (2 days or possibly longer). You do not want any moisture in the boards when you are ready to paint them.
  3. Prime your surface. Paint on your first layer of good quality primer, preferably oil based. The oil based primer will coat and seal the best. Make sure to allow it to try completely – 24 hours for an oil based paint.
  4. Another sanding with 220-grit sand paper will now smooth out your surface and erase any imperfections so they will not show through your top layers of paint. Make sure to clean the floor again with a vacuum and lint free cloth. Do not mop again and do not use a cotton rag or paper that will drop threads and particles on your clean floor.
  5. Color your world! Its finally time to apply your first coat of color. You can brush or roll on the paint, but make sure you are applying a very thin coat of paint. Thin coats of paint dry faster and harder than thick coats and therefore wear slower.
  6. After your first coat of color has dried completely, you can apply your next 2 coats of paint – allowing ample dry time in between. These coats need to be just as thin as the first to make sure they dry correctly and do not wear quickly.
  7. Time for top coats. Now you have the option of applying top coats of polyurethane.  These need to be applied in the same patient fashion as the color coats – thin coats, lots of dry time – but they will make sure that your floor has long term durability.

Three Brothers Painting in Alpharetta, GA would love to help you repaint your hardwood floors and give your house a new shine! Give us a call today for any of your interior house painting or exterior house painting needs!

Photo from Flickr.

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