How to Effectively Choose Paint Colors And Other Common Questions

Jan 5, 2021

At Three Brothers Painting, one of our most-asked questions during our house painting estimates with our clients is, “What’s the best way to choose a paint color?” The truth is, every client’s color preferences are different, so it really depends on what colors you’re naturally drawn to, what you want the space to look like, and most importantly, what kind of “feel” you want the room to have.

Painting Tools

We recommend investing some time online in order to choose a color palette. The internet offers a wealth of information, from sites like HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living, finding inspiration for color palette ideas can be fairly easy.  Additionally, paint companies like Duron, Porter Paints, and Sherwin Williams offer interactive sites where you can experiment with their color palettes.

Once you’ve narrowed your choice down to a particular color family, take a trip to the store and buy a quart of each color and apply it to your wall. Remember, colors are going to look different in person than on your computer screen, and will also differ depending on the lighting in the room and the surface the paint is applied to.

At Three Brothers Painting, we understand that choosing paint colors for your home can be a tough decision. With that in mind, our team doesn’t require your final color selection until the morning of your job, giving you plenty of time to make a choice you’ll be satisfied with for years to come. Give us a call today to set up a free estimate!

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