How to Decorate Around Your Tech

Jul 10, 2016

Between smart phones, tablets, big screen TVs and computers, the average person has a lot of personal tech in their living spaces. While many people may consider their big TVs an awesome focal point, others prefer to downplay it. And wires? The day wireless charging becomes standard will truly be a day of celebration for those who prefer a tidy look.

How do you decorate to incorporate your tech’s form and function? Here are a few tips.

Use Color to Direct the Eye

Using paint and stencils on the feature wall can help a tv become part of your home decor.If you want your television to be the focal point of your room, that’s easy! Stick it in front of the primary wall and point all the chairs at it. Done! But if you want to downplay the big screen, or create several areas within an open floor plan, use color.

Paint the wall you actually want people to focus on a different color. This will create a new or additional feature in your space. Use brightly colored accessories to pull eyes to seating areas, art work or other places of note in your home.

Another option is to use paint and stencils on the wall behind the television. Depending on the colors and design you choose, you can make the television a cohesive part of your decor.

Cord Management is Key

Unkempt cords can be an eyesore.There are lots of solutions for cord management. When it comes to televisions and entertainment equipment, many people are installing outlets higher on their walls, in the area where they plan to hang or stand their TV.

A classic solution is to paint the cords to match the walls. Some people even sew sleeves for the cords. Zip ties and similar tools keep cords together and untangled.

Modern solutions for cord management are more creative. For example, a false front on a fireplace mantel can hide wires and outlets. Many people are also adjusting sideboards, desks and similar pieces of furniture to keep their traditional and even antique looks, but hide wires in drawers and cabinets.

Countertop and desktop charging stations are becoming popular in homes, but what about a charging drawer? A kitchen island wired for electricity can easily accommodate this. Here are some other solutions for hiding wires for your personal tech.

And finally, consider a decorative box to cover up the router. Consider it the modern day version of Grandma’s tissue box or toilet paper roll covers.

Photo Frames Come in Handy

We’ve seen small photo frames used to dress up switch covers and key ring hooks and other utility items around the home. Consider using a large frame around the TV. It will dress up the space and if the frame color and style compliment the rest of the rooms décor, it could provide some visual interest when the television is turned off.

Looking for decorating ideas? Google “technoration” for creative and stylish ideas for your living space.

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