How to Decorate with Dark Walls

Nov 5, 2014

One of the hottest trends for the past year has been dark colored walls. Whether you opt for a  more rustic dark brown or even a modern shade of gunmetal, chances are you’re wondering where to go next. Luckily, nearly every color is going to pop against the dark color you have chosen. Now, let’s maximize these accents with some helpful tips:

  1. Dark walls are a great canvas for texture. Try rich textures like velours, faux fur, or even canvas. Choose textures that match your style and the color you picked for your walls.

    Half Bath - After

    Half Bath – After

  2. Amp up the energy in the room by playing off of the lightly-colored highlights. Use flowers, upholstery and accent pillows to keep the energy up in your space by keeping these items on the lighter end of the color spectrum. Not only will this keep your room from looking too dark, it will also give an added pop!
  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the finest room of all? You do! Mirrors are a great accent in dark rooms as they give natural light another way to brighten up the room.

Nervous about taking the plunge and painting your room a darker hue? Don’t be. While it may seem intimidating, darker walls can actually open up a space to make it look larger. Think about it, the darker the hue, the less defined the lines  in your room are. Ready to get started on revamping your space with a darker color accent? Contact our professional painting service today.


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