How to Choose an Accent Wall: Creating the Perfect Focal Point in Any Room

Mar 6, 2020

Looking to add a little pop into your home? Why not consider an accent wall? Whether adding it to a bedroom or a living area, an accent wall can give your home a little character and liven up any space. Even if you want to keep your home more neutral, you can still add an accent wall with a color that is more muted.

Choosing Which Wall Will Become Your Accent Wall

First, when choosing an accent wall, look for the natural focal point of any room. It may be the wall behind your bed, a wall with some interesting architectural design, or a wall containing a fireplace. It’s not always the first wall you see when you enter a room, but rather the most interesting wall in any room. Think about choosing a wall that does not contain any windows, as the accent wall is lit better by the sun coming through those windows.

Be Particular About Your Color Choice: For Your Style, Color Matching, and Your Family

Once you’ve chosen an accent wall, it’s time to start deciding on color. Some of the best color guides include Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and even a fun color game from PPG “The Voice of Color.” Of course, you can visit any local hardware or paint store to get in-person consultation and advice.

Think about options that your family likes…you don’t want to choose something you later have to repaint because you didn’t get family sign-off! Another great tool when thinking about your paint choice is using the color wheel to match your accent wall with colors currently on the other walls. The color wheel has been used for centuries among artists and scientists, dating back to Sir Issac Newton (so basically, this tool is legit!).

Another thing to think about is the mood and purpose of the room where you’re adding an accent wall. Is it in the bedroom, where you’re looking to set a soft mood that will lull you to sleep? Or is it the bathroom, where you’re looking for an essence of cleanliness and comfort? The color you choose will certainly help add to the feel of any space in your home.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose a color that is darker than the other walls in the room. This helps draw the eye to that wall and the features that make it so interesting. Choosing a lighter color can be disorienting and throw off the purpose of the wall altogether.

Hire a Professional to Ensure Quality Service and Products

Once you’ve decided on a color and a wall, give us a call to help execute. We can quickly set up the area to make sure floors and furniture are safe from excess paint splatter, and we can ensure quality products and services. If nothing else, we can just save you the hassle. Give us a call today for a FREE quote!


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