How Can Acryladeck Treat Your Feet This Summer?

May 18, 2020

Pool season is well underway, but most people can agree that walking across a hot pool deck or concrete floor can take some of the fun out of a day at the pool. Thankfully, there’s a product called ACRYLA-DECK® CoolFeel that can help protect your feet and let you enjoy the pool!

What is ACRYLADECK and How Does it Work?

ACRYLA-DECK® with COOL FEEL™ Technology is a Hi-Build Deck Coating intended for instant or heavy traffic areas for any pool deck to transform it and give it a new look. This cement-like system is designed to add texture to new or existing concrete. Once applied it keeps feet cooler, and adds a bit of skid resistance. (Great for tiny feet that consistently ignore “No running!” warnings in and around pool areas.)

Some of the other great benefits of this product for decks and concrete areas surrounding pools are:

  • A high resistance to pool chemicals and many other household chemicals for long-lasting beauty and protection.
  • Water-based formulation allows for easier application and cleanup.
  • Excellent color retention and chalk resistance.
  • Outstanding resistance to blistering.
  • Tintable for various custom color options.

In addition to pool decks, other the makers of this product have similar products with some of the same great benefits for other areas in your home, including garage floors, driveways, interior floors, and patios and walkways.

If you’re interested in adding this product to your backyard pool deck, patio or walkway, we invite you to give us a call to set up an appointment. It’s certainly not too late to make days at the pool more enjoyable for you and your whole family!






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