Homeowner’s Winter Prep Checklist

Sep 14, 2015

In North Georgia we usually experience an autumn with comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunny days. While you take advantage of these beautiful days, add a few chores around the house to make sure your family will be snug inside when winter weather arrives.

  • Touching up exterior paint on an north Georgia home.Trim trees and hedges to make sure they are not touching the house. Limbs and branches on the roof and siding can create ice flows in the winter, which can damage foundation.
  • Clean out the gutters and make sure water can run through the entire system. Once your landscaping is trimmed back, making sure gutters are clear is the next step to prevent ice flows. Also make sure downspouts are properly attached to guide water away from your foundation.
  • Clean out your air filters. This will help your heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently, and help to limit allergens in your home.
  • Clean refrigerator coils. Not only will this help you save energy, it will help your refrigerator perform better and extend its life.
  • Seal windows and doors. This will help keep cold air out and keep energy bills low. Be sure to check for wood rot around your windows. Wet winter weather can make this problem worse, correct it while the weather is mild.
  • Touch up chipped or peeling paint. One of the most important things your exterior paint does is protect your home from moisture. If you notice it is chipping and peeling, repair these spots right away! If your home needs more than touch up work our mild fall temperatures make this a great time to repaint the exterior of your home. Call Three Brothers Painting for a free quote and to schedule your service.
  • Have fun outside!

Some waste management programs have well-developed recycling programs and request that yard waste be put in special bags for haul away. Most home improvement stores are well stocked with these bags. If you aren’t sure what the requirements are, check your area’s waste management website.

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