Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Jan 17, 2017

Ready to change your living space in the new year? Here are a few projects that can give you new options in your home. Depending on how big you make the change, these projects can be completed in a week-end, or over the course of a season.


Painting the walls and sealing the floor of your garage makes the space more versatile.It’s not just where you park your car. A garage-mahal holds unlimited possibilities for people who love to work on their vehicles.

Week-end Project

  • Seal the floor to protect against oil and other fluids
  • Paint the walls with an eggshell or semi-gloss finish for easy cleaning
  • Hang peg boards to store frequently used tools

Longer Project

  • Paint walls with personalized colors, monogram or team symbol/logo
  • Customize peg boards with tool placement
  • Add a work bench or customized work station

Man Cave

Whether you’re looking for a space to watch the big game, play pool or enjoy other hobbies, the man cave, whether in a basement or a spare room is a fun room, customized to your hobbies.

Week-end Project

  • Paint the walls in a custom color
  • Install big screen TV
  • Hang posters/photos

Longer Project

  • Include additional colors, symbols or logos in your paint job
  • Designate activities to different parts of the room, for example, the TV viewing area and the foos ball table area
  • Build a bar

Change Bedroom to Home Gym

If you like to workout at odd hours or prefer to exercise in private, a home gym may be the way to go. Make the most of the guest room, or the kid’s old room.

Week-end Project

  • Re-arrange furniture to accommodate exercise equipment
  • Protect the flooring with pads
  • Place machines, weight bench, etc
  • Install television, stereo or other entertainment

Longer Project

  • Install mirrors on one wall
  • Create designated workout areas

Convert Dining Room to a Library or Office

Many families no longer use formal dining rooms and prefer to use the space as a home office or library. Updating the space can be a very simple project!

Weekend Project

  • Remove dining room furniture
  • Update paint color on walls
  • Place office or library furniture

Longer Project

  • Install custom shelving or cabinetry

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