Holiday Preppers – Patching Holes in Your Drywall

Dec 14, 2012

It’s a mad dash to get your house in shape for the holiday when it is soon to be full of family and friends and you want everything to look like it came straight from the pages of “Southern Living”.  You know your monster – we mean mother-in-law is going to be looking for anything she can to give you a hard time about so eliminate one of the holes in your prepping by eliminating the holes in your walls!

How to Patch Small Holes in Your DrywallPatching Drywall

This is a simple task that takes no time at all if you have the right tools and if you are about to paint the interior of your home it is an important step in preparation. To fill in all those holes left from hanging and rehanging pictures gather some drywall patching plaster, a putty knife, a soft cloth, a nail with a large head, a hammer, and a 220 sanding sponge. First, place the head of the nail on the wall squarely over the old nail hole then give the sharp end of the nail a small tap with the hammer. You are just going to make an intention of the nail head over the old hole so the drywall compound will have somewhere to stick. Then using your putty knife smooth a small amount of the compound into the new nail head indention. Smooth out the edges with the knife but try not the spread the compound over the wall, only around the edges of the area you need to patch. Moisten your cloth and wipe away any excess compound. After the compound has completely dried, lightly buff with the 220 sanding sponge to make the area completely smooth and flush with the wall.

Painting Drywall Patches

You have just patched up that hole in your wall and now it is time to paint it to make it blend right in. Hopefully you have stored your left over paint in labeled jars for each room so you know exactly which one to pick but you don’t need that paintbrush you are reaching for! Use a terry cloth rag to dab on the paint. This technique will make your patch blend in better so your paint texture is the same as the surrounding wall, which was probably rolled.

Now your house isn’t just “a hole in the wall” and is an inviting space where you are excited to host the holiday party – and its time to move on to preparing the appetizers. When it comes time for a home facelift – whether it is one room or painting the exterior of your home, make sure you give Three Brothers Painting a call at their Woodstock, GA office to roll on that poinsettia red. Happy Holidays from everyone at Three Brothers!

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