Get Your Man Cave Ready for the Big Game

Feb 11, 2015

They say TV sales spike just before the Super Bowl. You know what else sees an uptick? Improvements in man caves! Whether your man cave is in the basement, a converted garage, or a spare room in the house, there are tons of great ways to personalize the space.

Show Your Pride with Color

Home Depot carries more than 600 official colors for NFL, NBA, MLB and even NHL teams. Paint one or all of the walls in your man cave in your favorite team’s colors. Does your team have bold colors? (We’re looking at you, Miami Dolphin fans!) You can still bring those colors into your man cave. Use stripes! Paint the walls white and then add a belt of your team’s colors. If you want more color then use one of the team colors as your wall color and add stripes in the other colors. For example, a Georgia Bulldogs fan might paint one wall red, and add black and white horizontal stripes.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture can make your man cave more comfortable.

Photo courtesy of: Home with Heather

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have cool furniture in your man cave. Plywood, paint and old sports gear can get you some great results! Most home improvement stores carry pre-cut wood shapes. That means you can tie together three bats and screw them to a round piece of wood and create a side table. Put a dowel through some baseballs or tennis balls and use them to create shelves.


Many man caves are located in the garage, which means they have cement floors. These floors may be easy to clean – just sweep them or hose them down, but they can crack and stain. Adding a finish to the floor can help protect it, and give you another opportunity to show your team spirit. If you want to keep the floor easy to clean consider painting the floor in your team colors, or stencil the team mascot or insignia. Want to warm up the space a bit? Golf fans can lay down green carpets and create an indoor putting area. Football and baseball fans can lay down rugs with a similar look and feel to Astro-turf.


T-shirt canvases are a great way to show your team spirit in your man cave.

Photo courtesy of: The Blank Canvas

Once the floor is protected, the walls are painted and the big screen is hung, it is time for the little details. Make your dark board stand out, and protect the dry wall behind it by lining the wall with wine corks. You can also protect the wall with sheets of cork, if you prefer. Most improvement stores and office stores carry rolls of cork.

Many people hang framed jerseys in their man caves. If you don’t have your prize jersey yet, you can still display commemorative clothing. Staple T-shirts to blank canvases and hang those! This is a great way to hang onto T-shirts that may be too worn to wear, but still hold value to you.

Now that you have a game plan for man cave improvements, it’s time to get started! If you need help getting those stripes straight on your walls, Three Brothers Painting can help. But no matter what, we want to see your man caves! Share photos of the room and your favorite things in it, on our Facebook page! We may feature your room in a later blog post.

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