Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

May 14, 2015

Replacing air filters can help your air condition work better during the hot Woodstock, Georgia summers.Once holiday decorations are put away, many people think there’s nothing left to do to their homes before summer arrives. Sure, packing up those decorations may lead to an organization project or a deep clean, but there are a few other things home owners should do to make their homes more comfortable, and in many cases more energy efficient, for the summer.

  1. Change air filters – changing air filters throughout the house does two things: it removes dust and allergens from the home and it helps air conditioning and heating systems to work better. When you replace the air filters, vacuum the air grates as well. Does someone in the home have seasonal allergies? Then you may want to consider replacing the air filters again after the pollen settles, or invest in washable filters.
  2. Set ceiling fans to turn counter clockwise – Fans that run counter clockwise push the hot air toward the ceiling and help rooms feel more comfortable.
  3. Repair Screens – If you like to keep the windows open, make sure the screens don’t have holes in them, otherwise, you may find mosquitos and other flying creatures getting comfortable in your house. And speaking of mosquitos…
  4. Clear out brush – mosquitos, fleas, and other insects love weeds and over grown shrubbery. Not only will your yard look better when you trim everything back, bugs will have fewer places to hang out.

Do you have a pre-summer to-do list? What things do you do to get your home ready for warm weather?

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