Falling for Real Estate

Oct 23, 2013

Are you hoping that your big holiday present will be a closing on your Roswell, Georgia home that is for sale? With these tips on staging your home for the Fall season, you could make sure that Santa has the closing contract in his bag this Christmas.

Warm Up Your Walls

It doesn’t matter what time of year you have your home on the market, the easiest way to spruce up your home and give it a fresh, clean look is with a fresh coat of interior house paint. It’s always a good idea to go with neutral tones so that your potential buyer can see the potential that your home holds, but for the Fall season, going with a warmer hue such as caramel or cream is a way to invite in warmth and give your home a cozy feeling. Three Brothers Painting also suggests adding in pops of color with the accessories that you are using in tones of deep reds and oranges.

Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Illuminate Ideas

When a potential home owner walks into a house, they want to see its potential to provide a sanctuary to their family. As the days grow shorter, make sure that your house is well lit, but not with the sterile, overly bright lights of a surgical room. Use lamps, dimmers, and candles to illuminate your home enough that potential buyers can appreciate it, while still setting the mood for warmth and comfort.

Seasonal Scents

There is no easier time of year to fill your home with inviting aromas that put people at ease. Apple and cinnamon are the staple scents of the season, so before you open the doors for a showing, light a cinnamon-scented candle or simmer a pot of cider on the stove to offer your guests a warm cup while they view your home.

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