Fall is a Great Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Sep 25, 2014

The fall season in metro Atlanta is a great time to consider painting the exterior of your home. While very cold temperatures can make this project seemingly difficult, the mild Georgia fall is a great time to take on this project and amp up the curb appeal of your home. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a new look for your home just in time for the holiday season? Well, we think so too! Here are a few weather conditions to consider:

Temperature: Most paints, depending on what they are made of, are at their optimum for application between the temperatures of 70-77 degrees. However, it is important to consider the surface temperature of the outside of your home as it is best if the surface is about 70 degrees to make it perfect for application. If it’s a bit chillier outside, your outside surface might just need a couple of hours in the sun to warm up. It is important that the paint has about two to three hours in the sunlight to dry as well. exterior painting

Humidity: The humidity in the air can affect the consistency of the paint which will determine how easily it is applied. The best condition for exterior painting is about 50 percent relative humidity in the atmosphere. If the humidity is too high, it can cause the paint to discolor. If the humidity is too low, it can cause the paint to blister shortly after is has been applied.

Humidity and temperature are factors that work hand-in-hand when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. This is why it is best to let a professional paint the outside of your home as they will know the best application method given the current weather conditions.

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