Even Estimators Need Their House Painted!

Jan 18, 2013

Just because we work for Three Brothers Painting doesn’t mean that we are exempt from our own services! This past week Oscar Velez, our estimator, and his wife Ashley got the interior of their home repainted by the great crew at Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA.

Color Consultant

To get started, the Velez’s first called in a paint color consultant from Porter Paints – one of Three Brothers preferred vendors. She came over at no charge to walk through the house with Ashley and Oscar discussing colors for each room. The main focus during this walk through was selecting colors that would flow throughout the house, from room to room. They did make one small exception to their palette of grey/browns and painted their little boys room a beautiful light blue. But even though to some of us this would seem out of place, the color consultant did an excellent job picking a hue of blue that not only matched what Ashley and Oscar had in mind but also picked up on the grey tones selected for the other rooms in the house. When the palette is laid out in front of you in paint chips, it looks like something Martha Stewart herself would have picked out for a Southern Living home.

Challenges of Painting an Entire Home

Three Brothers always has you covered – literally. To get the home prepared for painting everything had to be moved away from the walls, all of the floors were covered in plastic and paper sheeting, and all of the furniture was covered in plastic to protect it from any dust or damage from dripping paint. The challenge that comes with this extra care that Three Brothers takes to keep your home and furnishings free of paint drippings means that if your job lasts overnight, you are going to have to navigate a house full of plastic and paper! You won’t be able to use any of your sofas, kitchen (if that is being painted too), etc. But, look at the bright side – this was just a really great excuse to have a night out to eat instead of cooking!

Thanks to the great work and care that Three Brothers Painting took to cover all of the furnishings in their home and carefully cut in every nook and cranny, Oscar and Ashley are very happy with their freshly painted house! Next time you are considering painting the interior of your home give Three Brothers Painting a call and we will be happy to help you brighten up your living spaces!

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