Do’s and Don’t of Interior House Painting

Feb 11, 2021

At Three Brothers Painting, we are dedicated to painting your interior rooms correctly the first time. Having the opportunity to serve the metro Atlanta area for over thirty years, we’ve seen some less-than-stellar paint jobs. This blog post is intended to walk you through the do’s and don’ts of interior house painting, and inform you of what you should be looking for to get the perfect finished product.

These photos were taken at a recent job in Marietta, Georgia where we were brought in to complete some last-minute cleanup. The first thing to notice is the lap marks did not blend in because the previous painter used a roller when this particular paint needed to be sprayed to get a more unified look. The casings on this window also had inconsistent brush strokes. Some went top to bottom and some went left to right on the same piece of trim. The roller marks are shiny and clearly visible.

During the process, the walls are still streaky due to the texture of sheetrock mud. Our crew had to re-mud the walls entirely to get rid of paint drips and inconsistent textures in the roller surface. The furniture has been removed from the room, the floors are completely covered, and the plastic barrier has been put up because we didn’t want sheetrock dust to get in the rest of the house.

Once the finished room is completed, all the walls look consistently smooth and there are no visible roller marks. There is consistently smooth trim, double-coated by spray with a pro-classic water-based alkyd to cover the brush strokes and even them out the paint finish.

Knowing you can trust your painting contractor is important. Three Brothers Painting, Inc. believes in completing a great quality job first. We are not satisfied until our customer is 100% satisfied. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for your next interior paint job. You will be glad you did!

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