Decorative Molding Inspiration

Oct 2, 2014

Sometimes your home needs a little pick-me-up to freshen up its look. Whether it be a fresh coat of paint, or an update to your furniture arrangement, the littlest change can make the biggest difference. Another way to update your home is by adding decorative molding. Decorative molding is a great way to make your home more unique and enhance its aesthetic by creating a sense of dimension.

Here are some ways you can incorporate decorative molding to your home: wainscoting

1. A lovely effect in a room is the combined look of base molding, chair rail and wainscoting. The dynamic trio can create a brand new look for a room and give it a sense of drama. Beware of going over the top with your paint choice or using any molding on the ceiling; this is definitely a stand-alone look.

2. Wood trim can be a beautiful, stately accent. When used correctly it can create a sense of texture and be a wonderful addition to a room, the contrast to the ceiling also makes it a great vehicle for showcasing a chandelier.

3. Deep-set windows anyone? Why not use trim on the inside of the frame instead of around it? This distinctly Scandanavian look can add a bit of whimsy and be the  stand-out feature that will set your home away from the rest. Go for a bold color choice to really make the molding pop.

At Three Brothers Painting, we’re here to help you with all of your color and design choices to help you create a home that is a true expression of your style.  For more information about installing decorative molding in your home, contact us here.

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