Creative Holiday Card Displays

Dec 14, 2015

Three Brothers has some fun tips for displaying holiday greetings.Every year a flurry of cards are sent out in celebration of the winter holidays. While some people may have a dedicated place to showcase the cards and photos they receive, most of us have to improvise.

It may be tempting to take out some tape and hang the greetings from the wall, but please don’t! Tape can remove layers of paint when you remove it. Holiday cards are lovely, but not worth damage to your walls.

Here are some creative ways to display cards and photos without scaring your walls or leaving other marks in your home.

Hang them in the tree
Display Holiday Cards in your Christmas tree.If you don’t have a lot of ornaments, or want a unique look for your Christmas tree, nestling cards between the branches is a great way to showcase holiday greetings. Tuck the cards in near the lights for extra attention.

Hang them from garland
If garland graces your doors or banisters, clip holiday cards in to brighten the look. You can alternate bows or other decorations with the cards to make the garland look more robust.

Door ribbons
Display Christmas cards from ribbons on your doors.Wrapping a door or even kitchen cabinets with ribbon is a great way to display cards without harming the finish. Simply wrap the ribbon all the way around the door and tape it to itself. Then pin or tape cards as you receive them. Adding a bow near the top can make the look more festive.

Clothes line approach
A clothes line look can be very versatile. Wrap rope or ribbon around photo frames, down banisters or across windows and use clips to hold the cards. You can arrange the cards to showcase special designs, and even clip photo cards to the line without damaging the card.

Use a clothes line to hang holiday cards from your banister.Tension rod in the window
This is a fun variation on the clothes line method. Put a tension rod in your window frame. Decorate it as you wish with lights, garland and ornaments and hang cards from it as they come in. It is a fun way to use extra decorations.

Create card bouquets
This is a fun look for holiday parties or place settings. Bud vases can hold branches, sticks or even candy canes taped to a card. Set them around your holiday table to spread the well wishes.Create clever bouquets with your holiday cards.

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