Creating a Man Cave for Father’s Day

Jun 14, 2013

Father’s Day is only two days away, what are you doing to celebrate your Dad? Instead of giving him another tie, money clip, or socks, how about gift him with his very own man cave! Creating a space for him isn’t as hard as you think – it only takes a little paint and some creativity! Let Three Brothers Painting in Woodstock, GA help guide you along the way.

Pick a Palette

Man Cave
Man Cave Gift Package Idea

Does Dad have a sports team that he loves? Or is he a golfer, boater, or avid Harley rider? All of these things have their very own color schemes. A sports fan is obvious – paint the room the colors of his favorite team. For a golfer, go with soothing greens that make him lust for the rolling green of the course. For the boater, choose soothing blues and grays that let him imagine he is floating out on sea. If he’s a Harley rider, choose black and the famous Harley Davidson logo orange with a black and white stripe around the middle of the room.

Do More Than Just Walls

The perfect place for a man cave is in the garage. Its probably where Dad spends lots of his time anyways, and its a space that is most likely underutilized and could use some help getting cleaned up. Rather than having to think about adding onto the house or giving up your office so Dad can have a space to relax, spiff up this space that his already enjoys. Along with painting the walls, also consider staining the concrete, and installing some interesting ceiling tiles to really give them room some added interest. You could take your paint brush a step further and refinish some furniture to match the custom color scheme and add in a cup holder for his beverage of choice.

Three Brothers Painting wishes all the Dads out there a Happy Fathers Day and here’s to you getting the man cave you’ve always wanted!

(Need help pulling this project together for Dad? Just give us a call!)

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