Color Trends for Fall 2014

Aug 26, 2014

Tribal InteriorAs the weather is turning just a few degrees cooler and the leaves start to fall, the changing seasons are a great opportunity to transition your home to a fresh look and feel. Keeping your home current with design trends and color trends  is a great way to have a “new home” feel – without all of the boxes. Three Brothers Painting has a roundup of some of the latest and greatest colors and designs that interior designers are using in their most stylish homes.

1. Bronze

Whether we are talking about a bronze bathtub, drawer pulls, sink fixtures – or the hues in your paint colors, furniture, and accents, bronze is big.

2. Culture

Bring all four corners of the world into your home. A tribal print pillow, a framed textile, or even a unique material will add something unique to your home. And, if the pieces are authentic, will be a great conversation piece too!

3. Neutral Palettes, Bold Accents

One of the easiest ways to transition your home through the seasons without a large investment is to create a backdrop of wall and furniture colors that are neutral so that you can easily change the room’s color scheme by simply switching out your accents.

4. Turquoise

The jewel tones, ocean blues, and deep hues of turquoise took over in the beginning of 2014 and they are still going strong. Just about any color of blue in your home is a beautiful pop of color that will almost never go out of style, but the turquoise accents really take the interior of your home to the next level.

Img via Flickr. 

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