Can You Stain Pressure Treated Wood?

Sep 13, 2013

Most decks nowadays are constructed out of pressure treated wood. This is due to the increased strength and longevity of the processed wood. It holds up better to the wear and tear of use, and more importantly, the weather. Pressure treated lumber is less likely to rot and need constant replacing as regular, untreated lumber would. Many customers ask Three Brothers Painting if we can stain their brand new pressure treated decking  at their Alpharetta, GA home and our answer is always no. But, today we are going to discuss why we cannot stain a brand new deck, but we can after a few months time.

Deck StainCan Pressure Treated Wood be Stained at All?

The answer to this question is of course yes – but there is an important factor that you must take into consideration before staining. The wood must be clean and more importantly, dry, before it can be stained. The wood is wet not because it got left outside in a rainstorm, but because at the factory, the wood is treated with a water-based solution that carries the treatment chemicals into the fibers of the wood, leaving the wood wet. If you decided to stain your pressure treated deck before the wood was completely dry, the stain would bubble and blister. You would also end up locking moisture inside of the wood, encouraging fungus and wood rot to destroy your brand new deck.

The time table necessary to wait before the wood is dry will depend on what season your deck was installed. If your deck was installed during a dreary winter, it is going to take longer to dry. If it was installed during a dry, hot summer, the wood will dry quicker. A good number to base your time table on is somewhere between 30-60 days. The longer you wait, the better, as the wood will be more likely to have dried.

When you’re ready to stain your deck, you can choose from almost any stain. Checking the can and manufacturers instructions will guarantee that the stain gets applied properly and adheres correctly to your wood. Keep in mind when staining your deck that it is probably going to need to be reapplied at least once a year, unless you choose an alternative type of deck stain or paint. Three Brothers Paint in Alpharetta, GA offers water based and oil based deck staining services, as well as a product called Deck Revive, which turns your decking into a Trex-like surface. 

This Fall is a great time to get your deck stained before the cold winter months come. It will give you an opportunity to enjoy your deck before the weather turns too cold and will still look great when things heat back up next Spring. Give us a call today to schedule your deck staining estimate!

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