Beware of the “Handyman” Painter

Jun 19, 2014

Handyman House PainterWith a few hundred dollars invested in some brushes, buckets, a six foot ladder, and a couple of car magnets, anyone can claim to be a house painter. You happen to pass by them and give them a call to bid on your cabinet refacing or interior wall repainting project. We promise, their bid will be lower than ours – but there is a reason why.

When your ‘professional painter’ shows up to do the job, he will look past the nail pops, nail holes in the drywall, uneven dry wall surface, and the need for caulking seams and he will go ahead and open up his bucket of paint. (Primer? What primer?) He will proceed with painting on one coat of paint and when that appears see-through he might start with a second coat only to realize he doesn’t have enough materials. Then, he might ask you for more money to cover the additional materials, then never come back to finish the job because he realizes that he’s not making any profit. Then, you are out a couple hundred dollars and back to square one.

This is a story that we hear all too often from homeowners that were looking for a lower bid on their house painting project and ended up dealing with more trouble than they bargained for. We are happy to help customers in this situation, but we encourage you to avoid it all together.

True professional house painters will bid you higher prices than your neighborhood handyman. But, it’s because we properly prepare your walls, fix problem areas, apply paint correctly to give you a beautiful, long lasting finish, and all of our professional painters are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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